Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tank Semi Trailer

Truck Trailer
Aluminum / Alloy
Saso, Adr Iso3834
OEM No.:
CLW9409 aluminum fuel tank trailer
Max Payload:
Place of Origin:
Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:

ISO3834 Saso Adr 42000Liters Shine H32 Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tank Semi Trailer

Aramco fuel tanker trailer for Saudi Arabia

specially for carrying oil/fuel, like die sel or AGO,petrol or PMS,Jet fuel or DPK,kerosene or DPK
safety guaranteed Aramco fuel tanker trailer 
more than 60 years experence of making special trucks and various trailers for exporting

Volume of aluminum alloy fuel tank trailer 30,000L~55,000L are available!

API standard Aramco fuel tanker trailer ;

NNPC Aramco fuel tanker trailer ;

Carbon steel Aluminum alloy Aramco fuel tanker trailer ;

ASME DOT Saso Saudi arabia Aramco Aramco fuel tanker trailer ;

light weght Aramco fuel tanker trailer

Aramco fuel tanker trailer for Saudi Arabia


Type:CLW9110 aluminum alloy fuel tank trailer

Name: Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tank trailer

Axle load:8500/8500/8500 kg

Tank Volume: 42cbm

Overall Dimension:11900*2500*3650mm


ShapeElliptical Pattern

Shell MaterialAluminium 5454 - H32

Heads / Baffles MaterialAluminium 5454 - HO

Operating Pressure3.5 psi

Design Pressure5.0 psi

Operating TemperatureMax 80 Deg C

Frame ChassisFull Aluminium frame including outriggers & cross members.

Fifth WheelHeavy Duty Coupler plate with 2" Dia KingPin - Jost KZ 1012.

Landing GearDouble speed Landing Gear - Jost A400.

Coaming / Overturn ProtectionFull length structural aluminium extrusion each side on top with curbside acting as a vapor rail.

WalkwayAluminium Non - slip walkways.

Manhole2 x 20" Emco Manholes fitted with high flow vapor vent.

Overfill Protection5 wire optic HLCO sensing probe installed in the accessory port of the manhole cover and will be set at 20 - 30mm above the full ullage marker(SASO 2288/2005). A HLCO optic socket (5 wire, 6 pin, 3 x J slot with pressure switch & blue dust cap) is installed in the housekeeping box as shown in Exhibit VI-A of SASO 2288/2005.

InterlockInterlock push button system

VentingPressure relief to be provided in accordance to SASO 2288/2005.

Emergency Valve2 x 4" Emco pneumatic emergency valves to be fitted, which can be also manually operated if necessary. Vortex breaker over each emergency valve.

Hosetubes8" Dia x 21Ft Aluminium (1060 alloy) 3 hose tubes (2on one side and 1 on the other)

Bottom Loading2 x 4" Aluminium Line from emergency valve, with large radius formed elbow, to openable bottom loading Emco API adaptor valve with sight glass and Emco dust cap. The valve shall be located with the help of Aluminium bracket and fitted with Emco interlock valves.

Vapor Return System4" Aluminium line through barrel with shear section outboard of shell with Emco vapor adaptor and dust cover to be provided

Vapor Dump Vent1 No, Air operated coaming vent to be installed at the rear of the coaming (LHS) and vented to atmosphere. Dump vent closes when the vapor adaptor is activated.

Air Control SystemEmco ( for 2 emergency valves) 2 compartment pneumatic control block complete with pressure guage and air service unit. Control system includes a master switch that provides air to all emergency valves and also acts as an emergency cutt - off switch in addition to other 2 emergency cut - off switches which are located at quickly accessible locations.

LadderAluminium ladder at rear with drains through the barrel at rear. Two grab handles at the top. Top step is 6" grip strut.

Earthing(1) An internal 1/8" dia stainless steel wire from bottom of each manhole collar to spray deflector or baffle drain tunnel. (2) A ground bolt installed on curbside moiunting rail near receptacles and wired to the #9 pin of the optic receptacles.

Weight DistributionProvide the required weight distribution.

Weight Allowable maximum volume for the three products based on 45 Tons. Since kerosine (density=0.84), gasoline (0.775) and di esel (0.87). The drawing in details for the dimension of the tanker and the center of gravity should be included as well.

Suspension :Air Suspension, BPW - Germany, with load sensing valve.

Axle : 3 x 12 Ton, BPW - Germany, with front axle pneumatic lift type controlled by valve. One axle to be fitted with odometer.

Brake System :WABCO - ABS system 4S/2M is required however recommended to install EBS system.

Brake Interlock Valve :Emco interlock valve over vapor recovery and API adaptors.

Air Reservoir :Dual Aluminium tank system.

Wheels :6 +1 off, Rims 11.75 x 22.5 Aluminium Disc 10 hole hub piloted.

Tires :6 + 1 off, Tires 385/65 R 22.5 - Michellin / Bridgestone. Tires to be suitable for Saudi Arabian climatic and road conditions.