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The Minister of National Security of Cambodia and his party came to Chengli for inspection and acceptance

On March 30, 2016, the Minister of National Security of Cambodia and his party came to Chengli to accept 115 Qingling Isuzu foam fire trucks.
Mr. Cheng Daoguo, Chairman of the Hubei Chengli Group, met with the Minister of National Security of Cambodia and other leaders.
The Minister of the Ministry of National Security of Cambodia and his party are to inspect and accept 115 Chengling Isuzu foam fire trucks. The 115 Qingling Isuzu foam fire trucks are the replacement of the fire sprinklers in Cambodia. The Minister of National Security of Cambodia ordered 115 Qingling Isuzu foam fire trucks, all of which are Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chengli Group. Fire truck branch plant completed
Mr. Cheng Daoguo, Chairman of Chengli Company Cheng, personally took the Cambodian leaders to the workshop to inspect and inspect 115 Qingsu Isuzu foam fire trucks!
The leaders of the Minister of National Security of Cambodia and his party are very satisfied with the 115 Qingling Isuzu foam fire trucks produced by our company.
As an employee of Chengli's sales department, we are also extremely excited and proud of it! !!
        I believe that in the coming days, Chengli Group will achieve greater glory! !!
The "Qingling Isuzu foam fire truck" produced by Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.'s fire truck public factory adopts a Sino-Japanese joint venture Qingling Isuzu Diese engine. Its powerful fire fighting effectiveness can quickly approach the fire field to start fire fighting and extinguish various fires. It is an ideal fire-fighting equipment to carry out fire-fighting synchronous movements while traveling. The vehicle has a streamlined design, novel appearance, flexible and flexible, economical and practical, and high-strength aluminum alloy profiles are used for the internal equipment frame separation materials, which are beautiful and generous. Various equipments are placed reasonably and fixed with special special fixtures. Adopting a double-row integrated structure, it has a wide field of vision, many occupants, long range, economical and practical, and flexible maneuverability. It is a new generation of the same type of fire trucks. Suitable for large and medium-sized cities, fire brigade, fire brigade and township fire stations and joint mining enterprises full-time fire brigade to extinguish general material fires. Established in 1937, Isuzu Motors is one of the world's largest and oldest commercial vehicle manufacturing companies, and its products are loved by users around the world.

After all vehicles passed the inspection, the vehicles were sent to Cambodia. After the car arrived in the region, our foreign trade executives and engineers also went to Cambodia to provide on-site guidance to customers.

Quick Details

Item Unit Description
Model   FTR Fire Fighting Truck
Dimension mm 8005*2480*3470
Tank Dimension m3 Water Tank Foam Tank
4 2
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
Curb Weight kg 9605
Wheel Base mm 4500
F/R track base mm 1960 / 1855
F/R Axled-Load Kg 6300 / 13000
Approach/Departure angle . 21/13
Traction system Type  4*2
Max speed Km/h 90
Tire Specification/Number Type 10.00-20, 6+1 Spare Unit
Engine  Model 4HK1-TCG40
Emission/Kw 5193 cc, 141 Kw / 2500 r
Horse Power 190 Hp 
Power 640 N.m -  1600 r/min
Type Diese, 6 cylinder, turbocharge, water cooling
Brand brand Engine
Gear box model 6F&1R,  Manual
Electronic V 24
Cab Person 6
Type Reversable, Manual
Installing Mp3 , Radio, Speaker 
Air Conditioner Hot wind / Cooling wind
Fire Cannon Specification on the top fo fire truck
Fire Cannon model PS 30, water  Working Range  Water >50 m
Foam type, Optional Item
PP 24, mulity Working Range  Foam >40 m
Working angle - 30 ~ 80 Operation Mannual
working pressure 1~4 Mpa
Flowing Speed <50 L / s
Fire Pump Specification
Fire Pump model CB10/40
Flowing Speed 40L/s  Pressure 1.0 Mpa
Water input Port DN 135mm x 1 Water suction pipe 8 m, one Unit
Liquid Output Port DN 80mm x 2 , with ball valve control
Liquid Output Port DN 65mm x 2, with ball valve control
Outside water input port
Liqid input Port DN 65 x 2 Unit, at two side of fire truck
Foam Tank Specifiation For Option
2000 liter, pipe and valve are all stainless steel material
Long beem alarm light, light detector x2~12V60W, 5 Unit Window type warehous, Rear climp ladder
Spare List
Fire Pipe  DN 65 x 8 Unit Fire Pipe DN 80 x 4 Unit
Fire Pipe Length 20 m
Fire pipe protector 4 Fire Pipe storage  1
Fire Pipe Hocker 4 Fire extinguisher 1
Fire bucket 1 Fir axe 1
Fire Crowbars 1 Iron collars 1
Liquid port Connector 5 Unit, Y type, U type, X Type
Fire spanner 2 Unit,  Above ground fire hydrant, undergound hydrant.
Spanner  2 Unit, for sunction pipe 
Fire cannon 3 Unit, two for water, one for foam ( Optional)
Option Item Fire cloth, addtion foldable stainless steel ladder, safety cabline.