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40 days of victory, sprinting on the 6 billion mark of Chengli Special Automobile Industry's output value in 2019 ---- Chengli Automobile Group held a

On November 20th, Chengli Automobile Group sprinted 6 billion output value missions, settled the tough battle and settled the battle. It expected to complete the set goals and tasks for 40 days. The special workshop meeting was held in the No. 1 conference room of the headquarters.
        The meeting was chaired by Comrade Zhao Baoguo, assistant general manager of the company, Cheng Aluo, general manager of the group company, Cheng Guoqiang, deputy secretary of the party committee and executive deputy general manager, deputy general managers Yuan Changcai, deputy general manager Ni Wenjin, assistant general managers Wang Chunlong, Liu Feng, Zhao Baoguo, etc. All senior leaders attended the meeting.

              Participants in the meeting also included the heads of the group company, the professional plant management service department, the relevant departments of the chassis department, the general sales office, the announcement department, the Spezialbetrieb automobile specialty plant, and the subsidiary Spezialbetrieb plant.
        The contents of the conference center, in accordance with the 6 billion economic work goals and tasks of the annual meeting of the group company, do not forget the mission, how to do the final 40 days of decisive sprints around the 6 billion target tasks, sound the assembling number, and fully guarantee the completion of the distribution to each Production value tasks of Spezialbetrieb.

        Executive Deputy General Manager Cheng Guoqiang announced the company's encouraging preferential policies and measures to ensure the completion of the task; General Manager Cheng A Luo made a concluding speech, and he emphasized that the completion of the established output value goals of each plant is both a work task and a political task It is necessary to eliminate all difficulties and uncertain factors, to fight at the end of the year, and to complete a satisfactory answer to the expected goals.
       In mid-2019 into the end of the last 40 days of run-off stage, the professional factory mustering the momentum gets going on the enthusiasm, all kinds of production and catch large customer orders under the strenuous efforts of front-line craftsmen, began coming off the assembly line and delivery ceremony Constantly, forming a beautiful landscape of automobile manufacturing.

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