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A cup of tea, intoxicating a group of people


On the 3rd of January, the largest tea house in Hubei Province (1700 square meters, mainly tea-based, with a small selection of fine dining and a cinema) by Chengli Automobile Group Co., Ltd.----澜沧古茶•程力汇试水Opened, the Suizhou auto industry has since had a place for its own exchange gatherings.

      --- Under the night, Cheng Lihui is brightly lit, quiet and not awkward. The tea friends are happy to gather together and arbitrarily exaggerate, adding a touch of color to the tea culture of Suizhou.
       With tea friends and tea friends, it also provides an elegant, clean and high-end communication platform for corporate employees' leisure time gathering and leisure, and integrates Chinese tea culture, traditional culture and corporate culture. At Cheng Lihui, you can not only name the tea of ​​ancient tea, but also taste the famous wines from all over the world. You can also write poetry inscriptions with ease and creativity. You can play with the chess and calligraphy, and you can also dance the neck and sing. It is both a home for employees and a good place for leisure gatherings.

--- A wide variety of six major teas to meet the different needs of different tastes and people.

--- A variety of high-end and expensive teas in the lobby are arranged in an orderly manner.
        Cheng Daoguo, Chairman of Chengli Company, and Cheng Aluo, General Manager, respectively gave speeches on the trial operation and development or ientation of the Tea House. More than 200 people from Chengli Group's professional factories, company executives, and social political and business guests attended the event. Cheng Lihui trial business ceremony.

        --- Cheng Lihui, the trial operation, the head is simple and practical, more than 200 VIP cards were collected, the atmosphere is beautiful and peaceful.
        One tea and one world, tea is like life. All the tea products of Cheng Lihui come from the high-altitude and non-polluting organic original ecology on both sides of the Lancang River. The taste of pure tea is mellow and mellow, the tea soup is clear, the scent of the scent is fragrant and refreshing, and the aftertaste is endless. Drinking is fascinating and enjoyable. The passage of time.

        --- Chairman Cheng Daoguo’s arrival, the inscription on the scene, leaving precious treasures.
        Cheng Li, 澜沧古茶, and COFCO three giants seem to have no associated brand elements. When they collide together, they produce a huge brand superposition effect. Cheng Liren is such a group of dreams, dare to innovate and innovation. The team of the wolves, all things to do, are so sturdy and infinite, and they are infinitely impressive.

--- Good product, with its own light, Cheng Li Hui only sells the best tea and wine.
Cheng Lihui trial business highlights:

--- Lobby bar, the classic 茶古茶 nameplate is particularly eye-catching, this is the value of the brand and the visual impact of visual impact.

--- "窈窕淑女,君子好逑", the tea artist is graceful and gentle, and the laughter has brought the atmosphere, the tea is not intoxicating, and the person is drunk.

--- The domestic and world famous wines directly supplied by COFCO Group are not connected, and the quality of the products is very popular among consumers.

--- Cheng Li Group's four handsome young talents made a lot of praise, paying tribute to the boss's elegant feelings.

--- Listen to the ancient rhyme of "mountain flowing water", product a pot of ancient tea, splashing ink in the study, painting, talking about ancient and modern, life is so beautiful, what is the future? ?

---Celebration of the fragrance of the wine must be tasted, the annual output value of the special steam sector of Chengli Group exceeded 5 billion yuan, and the beauty can't wait.

--- The ceremony was simple and enthusiastic. The main executive team of the Chairman, General Manager and Party Secretary of Chengli Group attended the event and felt a different feast of tea culture.